large file support > 2 gig

Urban Widmark urban at
Thu Aug 23 22:20:41 GMT 2001

On Thu, 23 Aug 2001 bertram.ostendorf at wrote:

> Can someone tell me what configuration I need to transfer large files (>2G)
> to and from my linux box using Win2k?

Your smbd should support it, unless Mandrake built it "wrong". So setting 
up the linux box as a server with the win2k as a client should work.

This question belongs on the samba at mailing list, not on
samba-technical. Please move any follow up questions there.

> This seems particularly strange as my linux box sees large files on win2k
> shares (using mount.smbdfs).

If you use smbfs there are some *highly* experimental patches that adds
large file support to smbfs. But I wouldn't recommend them.
(a - smbd is used more and is better tested,
 b - smbfs is quite slow at a lot of things)

You can get the patches here (you'd need patches 00 to 02)

You could try smbclient to move files from the linux box to the win2k, but
I'm not sure if that is supposed to handle LFS. Or look at other smb


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