Time-critical problem at Sun: exploding smbd memory usage

Jeremy Allison jeremy at valinux.com
Thu Aug 23 16:32:12 GMT 2001

Richard Bollinger wrote:
> Funny... I don't see the change in 2_2 CVS... did you really apply it?
> Ahhh I see... Jeremy took it back out.  Nice of him to do so, but I think he's wrong.  The "main
> loop" doesn't clean things up after each printer is added when we're using a [printers] clause in
> smb.conf.  That loop occurs inside pcap_printer_fn.  Per my testing, this only seems to make a
> difference on Solaris.  Maybe fragmentation is occuring inside their malloc() free()?

I took it out as it's not safe to do that free
inside the printer loop. It's only safe to
do that talloc delete in the main loop, outside
of any incoming smb processing.

The talloc delete in the main loop should free
any memory allocated in the tallocs inside the
printer allocation. Why does this cause the RSS
to grow on Solaris ?

insure on Linux does not flag this as a alloc 
bug (and believe me, it would....).


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