Time-critical problem at Sun: exploding smbd memory usage

Richard Bollinger rabollinger at home.com
Thu Aug 23 12:46:27 GMT 2001

Funny... I don't see the change in 2_2 CVS... did you really apply it?

Ahhh I see... Jeremy took it back out.  Nice of him to do so, but I think he's wrong.  The "main
loop" doesn't clean things up after each printer is added when we're using a [printers] clause in
smb.conf.  That loop occurs inside pcap_printer_fn.  Per my testing, this only seems to make a
difference on Solaris.  Maybe fragmentation is occuring inside their malloc() free()?

Rich B
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> On Tue, 21 Aug 2001, Richard Bollinger wrote:
> > Try the attached patch to fix the printer related leakage on Solaris.
> > We also have about 300 printers.
> Thanks!  I've merge the missing lp_talloc_free() into
> lp_add_one_printer() for 2.2 and HEAD.
> cheers, jerry
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