Re: Samba MSDFS and tree structure problem

Michal Ambroz rebus at
Thu Aug 23 11:14:16 GMT 2001

    Hello again,

> > it seems to be working (since now I checked it against winNT, W2K and
> > Win98 and going to test it on  and win95 - checked it on structure
> > with three levels of directories ).

    Win95 msdfs client seems to have still some problems with this
feature. It behaves kind of strange to it. When you have link in
dfsroot it correctly follows that link. But when you have it under
some directory it visibly tries something, but than it refuses
without any notice. When I do the same against real NT dfs root, with
the very same structure it goes well on the same machine. Donno why,
just wanted to mention that.

> Oh, one thing to remember is that all the directories should be lowercase,
    Well good to know, thank you. May be it should be mentioned
somewhere in samba documentation where msdfs and creating dfsroot and
links is discussed, before it gets forgotten.

                                Michal Ambroz

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