SSL negotiation protosol in CIFS

Simo Sorce idra at
Wed Aug 22 20:22:16 GMT 2001

On Wed, Aug 22, 2001 at 08:11:05PM +0200, Michal Trojnara wrote:
> I'll try to make it clear:
> 1. I wasn't able to find an open specification for SSL negotiation in CIFS.
> 2. I'd like to add CIFS negotiation to my software
> (
> 3. I'm not able to study samba code without accepting GPL license.
>    (nothing else grants me permission to do that)
> 4. Accepting GPL license will make my implementation derived from samba.
>    (based on samba)
> 5. Code derived from GPL has to be GPL (2b section of the licese).
> 6. I want keep the full rights to my code (GPL restricts them).
> BTW: GPL is very restrictive compared to BSD for example.
> This is why I like it.  8-)
Sorry, you have not understanded the GPL licence.

I think the ssl spec for cifs is a sambish thing (1).
I argue your code (2) is not GPLed.
The GPL Licence restrict you to use derived code,
which means you grab a part of the code and put it in
your software (4, 5).
Studying how things works, and making your own code, is not
restricted by GPL (remeber GPL is a copyright licence, not
a patent to protect alghoritms or an NDA you sign with the
author) (3).
Your code, is your code, even when placed under GPL, it is
your code, GPL is a way author makes impossible for others
to steal their code, BSD let others steal code.

I urge you to read some doc explaining GPL if you do not
believe me, because I'm weel involved with free software
associations and I know what I am speaking about.

Reading GPL code does not make any harm.

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