SSL negotiation protosol in CIFS

Michal Trojnara Michal.Trojnara at
Wed Aug 22 18:11:05 GMT 2001

Simo Sorce wrote:
> > Is SSL negotiation a documented protocol extension or just a proprietary
> > feature?  I'd like to add CIFS support to my stunnel program, but I
> > want to create a derivative from Samba.
> >
> > In other words:  Is SSL negotiation a part of open standard or it's
> > restricted to GPL?
> I do not exactly understand what you mean with "restricted to GPL".
> GPL does not restrict anything, one of the foundamental rights it
> provides is the right to study the code and make your own implementation
> if you want.
> The only thing not permitted is "stealing" the code (getting it and
placing it under another licence).

I'll try to make it clear:
1. I wasn't able to find an open specification for SSL negotiation in CIFS.
2. I'd like to add CIFS negotiation to my software
3. I'm not able to study samba code without accepting GPL license.
   (nothing else grants me permission to do that)
4. Accepting GPL license will make my implementation derived from samba.
   (based on samba)
5. Code derived from GPL has to be GPL (2b section of the licese).
6. I want keep the full rights to my code (GPL restricts them).

BTW: GPL is very restrictive compared to BSD for example.
This is why I like it.  8-)


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