SAMR pipe 0x2e command

Jean Francois Micouleau Jean-Francois.Micouleau at
Wed Aug 22 10:47:52 GMT 2001

On Wed, 22 Aug 2001, Sigal Malkin wrote:

> Hello,
> Command 0x2e on samr pipe is described on samba as:
> #define SAMR_UNKNOWN_2e        0x2e
> Has anyone has any implementation/ documentation
> on this command that he can share with me?
> (I saw that this command is used to get password policy info.).
> Thanks.

I decoded this one a couple of weeks ago, and never got the time to code
it in samba.

anyway here are the structs definitions. The duration and reset values are
in fact 64 bits long. IIRC they are in milliseconds.

typedef struct q_samr_unknown_2e_info
	POLICY_HND dom_pol;   /* policy handle */
	uint16 switch_value;


typedef struct sam_unknown_2e_info_12
	uint32 duration_low;
	uint32 duration_high;
	uint32 reset_count_low;
	uint32 reset_count_high;
	uint32 bad_attempt_lockout;

typedef struct sam_unknown_2e_ctr_info
		SAM_UNK_2E_INFO_12 info12;
	} info;


/* SAMR_R_UNKNOWN_2E - probably an open */
typedef struct r_samr_unknown_2e_info
	uint32 ptr;
	uint16 switch_value;
	SAM_UNK_2E_CTR *ctr;

	uint32 status;         /* return status */



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