ACL error messages in samba log; NET_SAMLOGON

Michael Davidson michael_davidson at
Wed Aug 22 06:05:17 GMT 2001

> Well we use ACLs since years on our Alpha computers and with proplist (a
> daemon which allows them to be set/get remotely on other Alphas) without
> any problems. Moreover I did'n find a problem related to ACL on the
> tru64-unix-managers list.
> Sees so that Samba uses the library functions incorrectly. (Wrong
> documentation? Since not many programs need to use the ACL library
> functions, this might be indeed the problem.)

There is a fix (or, more accurately, a work arround) for this in the
latest CVS sources which should avoid the problem.

I simply couldn't get the acl_clear_perm() and acl_add_perm() functions
to work so I bypassed them and manipulate the permission bits directly.

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