PR#21625: Smbd processes get stuck and consume 100% CPU.

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Tue Aug 21 18:28:49 GMT 2001

Fredrik Ohrn wrote:

> It spews this message in the log for each and every file that is opened:
> [2001/08/21 11:24:30, 0, pid=28021] smbd/open.c:open_mode_check(540)
>   open_mode_check: cannot delete entry when breaking oplock (3) on file eudora/eudora.ini, dev = 80015e, inode = 9702566
> And all Windows apps that try to lock files fail with the message that
> the file is already locked by another application.
> I guess del_share_entry always return -1...

Sorry about that, uninitialised variavle in del_share_entry...

I've fixed this in CVS HEAD & 2.2. A bit difficult to
test things right now as I'm not at the office, but at
a conference.

Please try again....

Sorry :-(.


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