Samba MSDFS and tree structure problem

Shirish Kalele kalele at
Tue Aug 21 16:31:34 GMT 2001

Michal Ambroz wrote:
>     Hello
> > Here's a patch (against 2.2) that will allow dfs links at any level
> > the DFS root.
>     It's really nice patch :) and one of its really nice features -
> it seems to be working (since now I checked it against winNT, W2K and
> Win98 and going to test it on  and win95 - checked it on structure
> with three levels of directories ).
Oh, one thing to remember is that all the directories should be lowercase,
since the code doesn't try out the path requested component by component
with all combinations of upper- and lowercases like the mainline Samba code.
It just lowercases the path sent, prepends the path of the dfs root and
tries to see if it is a valid dfs symlink. I think this is a reasonable
restriction if redirects need to be fast.

> P.S:
> Just detail ... somewhere around line 340 in msdfs.c there is
>   DEBUG(8,("dfs_findfirst_redirect: path %s is in Dfs.
> dp.restofthepath=.%s.\n",
> pathname,dp.reqpath));
> should be probably
>   DEBUG(8,("dfs_findfirst_redirect: path %s is in Dfs.
> dp.reqpath=.%s.\n",
> pathname,dp.reqpath));
Thanks. I'll correct this..

- Shirish

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