ACL error messages in samba log; NET_SAMLOGON

Tobias Burnus tobias.burnus at
Tue Aug 21 15:07:15 GMT 2001


> This is a known problem.
> The following is a summary of the 2 mails posted recently.
I'must have missed that :-(

> Well, as it turns out *both* acl_clear_perm() and acl_add_perm()
> are failing - and they fail even in a trivial test program, which
> leads me to wonder just how much the ACL interface on Digital UNIX
> has ever been used.
Well we use ACLs since years on our Alpha computers and with proplist (a
daemon which allows them to be set/get remotely on other Alphas) without
any problems. Moreover I did'n find a problem related to ACL on the
tru64-unix-managers list.

Sees so that Samba uses the library functions incorrectly. (Wrong
documentation? Since not many programs need to use the ACL library
functions, this might be indeed the problem.)

With warm regards and thanks for the prompt answer,


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