ACL error messages in samba log; NET_SAMLOGON

Tobias Burnus tobias.burnus at
Tue Aug 21 14:33:58 GMT 2001

I forgot to mention that this is post-SAMBA 2.2.1a from CVS(Jul 28)  and
that on the old this home directory server (OSF/1,  Compaq Tru64Unix/DEC
Digital Unix 4.0e) there was a similar message:
[2001/08/15 11:58:49, 0, pid=11242, effective(4149, 400), real(0, 0)]
  set_canon_ace_list: Failed to create permset for mode (320) on entry 0.
(Invalid argument)

Seems that the ACLs on Alpha don't work as expected. ACLs for OSF/1 had
been recently included ("HAVE_DRAFT13_POSIX_ACLS", see configure* and

With warm regards,


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