Re: Samba MSDFS and tree structure problem

Michal Ambroz rebus at
Tue Aug 21 09:14:37 GMT 2001

> Here's a patch (against 2.2) that will allow dfs links at any level under
> the DFS root.
    It's really nice patch :) and one of its really nice features -
it seems to be working (since now I checked it against winNT, W2K and
Win98 and going to test it on  and win95 - checked it on structure
with three levels of directories ).

                   thank you

                        Michal Ambroz (O_O)

Just detail ... somewhere around line 340 in msdfs.c there is

 	DEBUG(8,("dfs_findfirst_redirect: path %s is in Dfs.

should be probably 

 	DEBUG(8,("dfs_findfirst_redirect: path %s is in Dfs.

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