Time-critical problem at Sun: exploding smbd memory usage

jeremy at valinux.com jeremy at valinux.com
Mon Aug 20 22:17:57 GMT 2001

Keith Farrar wrote:
> It's not just the number of printers, it's the total number of shares. We
> have no printers defined, but lots of disk shares (roughly 900 on one box
> and 1500 on a second host). The servers are Sun E450s, but the same type
> of growth pattern occurs on Linux (redhat 7.1 x86).
> The smbd processes start up at 6 MB each, then grow until killed by
> process limits (currently 20 MB). Max observed growth is 115 MB... within
> an hour.
> The growth was much slower under 2.0.7, but happens quickly under 2.0.10+
> and 2.2 .
> It's not too hard to test: create an smb.conf file with 2000 static shares
> (squirt it out with a script & reuse the same directory path). Then watch
> the memory growth. Someone with familiarity with the code, access to a
> memory leak finder, and a good debugging environment should take a look at
> this (i.e. not me :).

Can you trigger growth by touching the smb.conf and
then hitting an smbd with a SIGHUP ?
If so, then it's smb.conf parse related.....


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