Oplock problem: breaking our own lock

jeremy at valinux.com jeremy at valinux.com
Mon Aug 20 21:35:16 GMT 2001

Scott Moomaw wrote:
> I have found info on another lock-break failing scenario.  This involves a
> single client accessing a Paradox database from a network share.  My
> modification to smbd/open.c to increase debugging levels when a problem
> occurs resulted in the log entries below.  In essence, the code is stuck
> in an infinite loop because it cannot break its own oplock.

Excellent debugging work, thanks. Now the problem is that
looking at the code I can't see a case where file_find_dit()
could fail, given the entry already found within the share
mode entries.....

Can you modify file_find_dit() to print out the details
of the open file list it is scanning please, so I can see
what the enties look like within the list.

Any entries inserted into the share mode tdb should have
come from the open file list, so something must have gone
seriously wrong if the entry cannot be found....

Thanks, I'm very puzzled....


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