Samba MSDFS and tree structure problem

Michal Ambroz rebus at
Mon Aug 20 20:40:19 GMT 2001

   please was there anyone successfull on making ms-dfs links in
directories in ms-dfs root directory? Situation is this, I have some
hierarchical structure in ms-dfs.

 |... ORG1               -> \\server1\org1_share
 |... ORG2               -> \\server2\org2_share
 |... ORG3/
 |        |... DIVISION1 -> \\server1\org3_div1_share
 |        |... DIVISION2 -> \\server3\org3_div2_share
 |... ORG4               -> \\server4\org4_share

    I am able to set properly links in directory of dfs-root (ORG1,
ORG2, ORG4) without problems and it is working on WinXX, Win NT, Win
2000. But links in ORG3 directory are not working. 

    I have followed the debug logs and it seems that when it cames to
windows to see what is in directory of ORG3 samba correctly detects
that DIVISION1 and DIVISION2 are not common files, but dfs links and
it masquerades them as directories. But when you try to enter that
directory, it is treated as common unix file (nonexisting) and it
ends with and error "Wrong disc or directory

    Please has anyone faced this problem? Have you any hint where to
look for and posibly which function has to be hacked and how?

                            thank you very much

                                        Michal Ambroz

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