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Lim Choon Kiat lck at singcorp.com
Sun Aug 19 10:12:11 GMT 2001

Dear Chris, Patrick and helpful souls,

I appreciated very much your advices. Currently, the Samba LAN I've set up
is very close to what Chris suggested. I've dual boot Windows ME / Redhat 7
for all my PCs. The Pentium III-800 is serving to all the rest of the PCs.
Incorporated in this server are smbd, dhcpd and gateway to the Internet.
However, I have problem setting up DNS. In fact the only way I can do
resolution of names is through '/etc/hosts' file. While I have quite a
success in setting up my samba (after booting, Windows will have share
directories automatically mapped to drive alphabets like S:, H: under
[netlogon] .bat files), but I hope to know more (and eventually can set up)

Web Development has always been an interest since I picked up Linux. In
fact, I managed to purchase
www.SingCorp.com, www.SingEvent.com, www.SingProduct.com,
www.SingIndustry.com and www.SingEdu.com from Network Solutions 18 months
ago. However, since I do not wish to maintain a leased line (which is very
expensive here in Singapore), I let a web hosting company host my wed pages.
Since you've an ISP, Chris, how may I host these sites on my server without
incurring huge cost of a leased line? Depending on another company really
restrict my progress in Web Development (this company don't even allow me to
use CGI nor give me space for emails). In fact, I picked up database with
Windows Visual Basic lately. Applying some SQL, I managed to do some data
manipulation. However, my real objective is to be able to use Java to
program database eventually. (By the way, I managed to set up Apache, but do
not know how to set up SQL & PHP [What's it?] servers.)

Another great interest of mine with PC is graphics. In fact this is how I
earn my living. I work about one or two days a week, supplying custom-made
mass games on PCs for Corporate Dinner & Dances. My dream is to be able to
remotely monitor and control the systems when they are on site. I also hope
I can phase out Windows eventually.

Concerning X-Windows, I managed to start it in the past, but do not like it.
Applications like Star Office seem to 'hang' very often. In addition,
downloading web pages through dial-up ISP seem very slowly from Netscape. I
knew I must have did something very wrong somewhere. I was quite discouraged
with Linux as a workstation and have not use it for at least six months. If
one of you can help me improve my X-Windows configurations, I'll be
extremely grateful.

Well, it seems at the meanwhile I've been asking for lots of help. Through
your experiences with Linux group, what can individual really do to benefit
the group? It seem that while I may have quite a bit of knowledge in
programming, I cannot comprehend most technical details raised up in the
discussion about samba or other Linux development. In fact, I don't even
know what to do with a 'patch' or a *.tar file. If such are not alien to you
guys, do help me a bit with such. I believe after I know more, I should be
able to contribute more productively to Linux group.

Oh yes, Amiga. I love this machine. But sad to say, the systems I have are
mobile type. Hence I cannot add network cards to them. To make matter worst,
there are no more vendors selling Amigas in Singapore. However, it has
parallel and serial port and runs on a 68020 CPU. I wonder if there is a way
to use the ports to link Amigas to a Linux box directly?

Well, thanks again for replying and have a good weekend and happy networking

Lim Choon Kiat

PS: Should you guys need me to assist in any way, do say so. I have too much
time at hand and not know what to do. I'll help as long as I can & know how.

PPS: PC Hardware, I think is real cheap here in Singapore. That's why I can
afford so many boxes. Email details to me if you wish to compare prices.

Lim Choon Kiat

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