Looking for contributors to build mini-Linux Network

Choon Kiat Lim partydelights at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 18 04:27:57 GMT 2001

 Dear Linux Friends,
  I'm quite a new person in Linux (about 1.5 years)
and has just join the Samba group. However I have 
about 15 years of experience with various PCs such
as Amgia, Apple and Windows based PCs, as well as
good knowledge of C and Windows-based languages.
(I've not use LISP and Prolog since I left school.)
  Currently I'm moving to a new house and 
hope to take the opportunity to build a mini-
Linux network conducive for researches inside.
  At this point of time, I've successfully build Samba
servers but still research primarily from Windows-based
workstations. Hence I hope someone can help me 
improve my Linux networking skills further.
  I list all the PCs I have toward the end of this note,
and hope to gather advices on the following:
Basing on all the equipment I have,
  (A) Propose your view of an optimal network.
  (B) (briefly) how to build it and the advantages.
[briefly because I'll obtain the details from you after I
compile the knowledge from contributors]
  (C) Do I need to add new hardware? if so what?
  The computers I have are as follows:
4 Pentium 166/200 Mhz PCs,
all with at least 32MB RAM and a good size
hard disk and CD ROM (1 Ethernet each)
1 Pentium III-800 MHz PC with 256MB RAM,
64GB Hard Disk and 48X CDROM and
2 Ethernet cards
I'm using external 56kbps modems (2 pieces)
2 Pentium-166 Notebooks with PCMCIA 
modems and PCMCIA Ethernet Cards.
(roaming around always)
1 HP Pentium III-600 Notebook with
64MB RAM and DVD-ROM, 
build-in modem and build-in Ethernet.
(However, I'm not able to get 
Linux to detect the build-in modem &
Ethernet device. Can someone help?
HP model: F2301-12006 XE3)
I'm using 2 switches (I was told by the 
Vendor when I first learn Linux 
networking that switches are 
better than hubs. Did I get con?)
1 Amgia 1200
1 Amiga 500 with Hard disk (20MB)
1 Amiga 500 with three floppy drives
1 Amiga 2000 with two floppy drives
(sadly, all my Amigas has no network cards.
Is there any way to link them up also?)
In terms of Software, I have in my collection
Red-Hat Linux 5 & 7, SuSE 6.4 and Mandrake 7.2
Licences for Windows ME, 98 and 95 as well as
Amigs OS
Thank a lot for reading
Lim Choon Kiat
lck at SingCorp.com

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