Strange Win-client probs while Linux clients work

Carsten Reckord creckord at
Thu Aug 16 20:05:52 GMT 2001

Hmmm, the connection does not seem to be the problem.

But I have found out now that I can list and access the contents of
all those directories on the server, that contain no more than 12 entries !?

Still no idea why...


> >I cannot list the contents of some sub-directories of the docs-share
> >(packages, faq/faq ...). Using the Explorer to do so it takes about 1
> >minute and then I get something like "cannot access share. network name no
> >longer exists" or "network path not found". Typing dir in a dos box just
> >returns an empty list after the same 1 minute.
> I had some problems with profile up- and download where Windows 2K
> also showed the message "network name is no longer available".
> The connection linux/client <-> linux/server worked here too - but slow.
> Even the windows clients worked (most of the time) at a low transfer rate.
> Here the problem was a wrong setting of one of the 6 hubs/switches/routers
> between the client and the server. You can test your network with ping
> (lost packages) and ftp (transfer speed). You should consider testing the
> server with another network interface card (check duplex mode
> and transfer speed, on some systems autodetection did not work).
> Good luck
> Martin

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