Samba with LDAP

Steven French sfrench at
Thu Aug 16 15:47:52 GMT 2001

>Shahms mentioned:

>At this point, it supports the PDC functions, Win2k SP2 logons (and
>therefore, I would assume SP1, SP0, and NT4 . ..)

Does anyone know if the Win2K client notices the difference in the Samba
server (when running the LDAP patch) during client logon?

And a loosely related question - during logon is the Win2K client's logon
flows to a Win2K server much different if the server is not running in the
"Permissions Compatible with pre-Win2K servers" mode.   I remember that
there are two new types of groups (Global and Universal) that are available
when running in the newer mode but did not remember the implications for

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