Supporting users enumeration on Samba

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Tue Aug 14 13:19:43 GMT 2001

>>Sigal Malkin wrote:
>> >I am trying to make Samba support user enumeration on a single
>> >machine (and not a domain). The purpose is support the command "enum
>> >from Windows to a Samba server (getting user list). The problem is that
>> >"enum -U" needs to perform command 0x3E on samr pipe - and I don't have
>> >clue how to handle this command.
>> >Any suggestions??
>>From where do you get this "enum" command?
Running enum -U works for me.  The samr 0x3E gets a fault PDU response from
samba (at least my fairly current(~1day) 2.2 cvs systems), then falls back
and does a 0x28 (after proper setup, which doesn't seem to happen with the
0x3E).  Does yours not work?  Or do you really need the 0x3E?  I've tried
it both with a domain and just a standalone samba server.

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