[OT] Re: On Samba-Technical messages

Tim Potter tpot at valinux.com
Tue Aug 14 00:08:53 GMT 2001

Christopher R. Hertel writes:

> [Charset windows-1252 unsupported, skipping...]
>          ^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Um...  Would also be nice if we could reject mail that doesn't use a
> standard character set.
> You're not the only one bothered by HTML mail.  Urban said, in his
> message, that HTML was not useful.  I agree (though I find windows-1252 
> even more annoying). :-)

So the problem is actually with mailman.  There are a number of
things it doesn't like, one of which is html email, and the other
is generating a rfc compliant digest.  At the moment I filter
most lists through a spam detector, then a demime filter which
strips out html and attachments.  The samba-technical list
doesn't contain the demime filter as it also blocks attachments
which quite a few people use on the list.  But then the technical
list doesn't attract quite as many vcards and html email anyway.


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