Printing in 2.2.1a

Juergen Hasch Hasch at
Mon Aug 13 21:06:32 GMT 2001

Am Montag, 13. August 2001 20:34 schrieb Gerald Carter:
> On Sun, 12 Aug 2001, Gerald Carter wrote:
> > What might work is if we only do this for a printer open (service
> > level parameter) create a fall back.  Hmm....that might just work.
> > I'll look at it some more and see.
> ok. this works.  Still has one glitch with Windows NT 4.0 clients.
> The client never sets an assigned port for the local printer.
> When you look at the printer properties and select the port
> tab, NT 4 complains that you must select at least one port.
> Of course, if you do then the printer quits working because
> you selected a port and the jobs are never sent to the samba printer.

Sounds promising, if you have a patch I will try it. 

I noticed another strangeness with NT4. I have two printers configured 
exactly the same on a Samba server and the NT 4 client reports access denied 
for both printers with plain 2.21a Samba. However I can print on one printer
and not on the other ;-)
This seems to be the same for all NT clients.
So sometimes NT4 will ignore the failure to open the printer with admin
capabilities and at least print. The printer window will still say "access 
denied". I will take a look at the logs tomorrow.

... Juergen

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