strchr_m() problem (Re: Integrate i18n SWAT)

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at
Mon Aug 13 16:56:29 GMT 2001


It seems that strchr_m() does not support multibyte codepages.
For example, under SJIS/EUC, a string consists of 1byte chars and
2byte chars. If you use iconv() against those multibyte codepage,
before calling iconv(), you have to separate ASCII, 1byte chars except
ASCII, 2byte chars from the string because the convert rule is

It seems that this logic is omitted.

This is why under "unix charset = EUC-JP or Shift_JIS", SWAT
authorization failed. Replacing strchr_m() to strchr(), SWAT works
well as far as using ASCII chars :-(

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