Integrate i18n SWAT

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at
Mon Aug 13 14:13:33 GMT 2001

Andrew Tridgell wrote:
>> Of course the final target is everything i18n'ed. But we had better do
>> step by step.
>indeed. SWAT is a good place to start because it isn't changing. Once
>we have our methods worked out nicely we can do the rest.

Yes, but for Japanese Edition, SWAT needs "display charset option" :-)
especially for CAP/HEX encoding.

Now  I 've finished to gettext()'ize all SWAT message.

And now I found that under "unix charset = EUC-JP or Shift_JIS", SWAT
authorization failed.

i18n HTML/image files still need to be installed manually, but po file
(message catalogue file) is automatically installed during "make

btw, I think it's time to make a new branch for i18n, isn't it?

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