VFS modules proposed design - WAS Re: Moving 8.3 filenames into VFS - WAS Re: meeting with SUGJ

Tim Potter tpot at valinux.com
Mon Aug 13 12:18:59 GMT 2001

David Collier-Brown writes:

> Michael H Buselli wrote: 
> > > One other thing that may be useful is stackable VFS modules.  Suppose I had
> > > two VFS modules: one that did auditing and one that did virus checking.
> > > Under the current model, I would have to decide which one I wanted (or
> > > write a new one that incorporated both feature sets).  If they were
> > > stackable, I could have the functionality of both with no real troubles.
> 	I remember discussing this with Tim, and thought he changed
> 	to a global to allow this...

To be honest I don't remember what the current status of
stackable vfs modules are - it's a neat idea though and we should
do it.


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