Problems when Samba & DNS on different servers

Vladimir Parkhomenko vlad at
Mon Aug 13 11:47:41 GMT 2001

Hello all,

How can to affect DNS on SAMBA (RH6.2 Linux)?
Why when I shut down DNS server, windows client lose the access to the
shares of SMB server on different computers.

The SMB Linux server ( conigured on DNS server
( I shut down DNS server and the following is occured:

When I set "IP of names server =" parameter in "linuxconf, Name
Server Specification DNS" on the SMB Linux server (, any
windows (95,98,NT,2000) clients do not access to  shares of the SMB Server.
The client is (,,
When I set "IP of names server =  " parameter - all clients is OK. But (SMB Linux serever) can not access to network by names through
DNS server.

DNS and SMB Servere are not same computers:
DNS is netmask
SMB is netmask     (first client) netmask  (WINS =
in network config.)   (sec. client) netmask  (WINS = in
network config.)
parameter 'wins support = yes'.

How can to configure SAMBA (RH6.2 Linux) whith DNS on different servers?

with best regards
Vladimir Parkhomenko     mailto: vlad at

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