vfs_init() symbol conflicts in HEAD and SAMBA_2.2 branches

Tim Potter tpot at valinux.com
Sun Aug 12 23:13:46 GMT 2001

Pieter Hollants writes:

> The Samba VFS interface, defined in source/smbd/vfs.c, looks for a symbol
> "vfs_init" in VFS modules which are loaded using the vfs_init_custom()
> function call (if HAVE_LIBDL is defined). Accordingly, examples/VFS/audit.c
> has been carrying a function vfs_init() since its very beginning. The whole
> stuff compiled, because the generated prototypes file,
> source/include/proto.h, never contained a prototype for vfs_init().

OK - I'm fixing this.  I'll also update the example vfs modules
to conform with the new vfs module initialisation.  The examples
have suffered from bitrot over the months...

> a.) rename vfs_init() to vfs_module_init() or whatever in examples/VFS/* and
> change sources/smbd/vfs.c to look for the new symbol

This is what I've now done.  I should be able to commit the fixes
later on today.


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