Integrate i18n SWAT ( Re: International Samba (fwd))

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at
Sun Aug 12 10:10:33 GMT 2001

Andrew Tridgell wrote:
>> I want to merge it to Samba 2.2.x and HEAD. It is not difficult
>> technically.
>I think that if you have time you should go ahead and merge the SWAT
>i18n support into the head branch. I had been meaning to look at this
>myself but I've become too bogged down with other work, so if you
>don't mind doing it that would be great.
>After it's in head we can decide if it should be back ported to 2.2. 

Ok, now I have begun to merge it.

There are four points:

  - switch HTML files with Accept-Language Header
    already done.

|One request though - I think we should have a "lang" subdirectory for
|languages. For example the ja Samba currently uses /swat/ja/ for the
|Japanese SWAT templates, whereas I think we should probably use
|/swat/lang/ja. That will scale a little better when we eventually get
|dozens of languages in there.

Your request is not done yet, but is easy to do.

  - switch output message with gettext()
    now working

  - how to integrate GNU gettext library
    this is one problem to solve, now I am using libintl.a already
    installed into system.
  - how to install
    depend on the mail below:

o How to install

  I think

  > we introduce 
  > two configure-time parameters. For example: 
  >   "--docs-lang" for specifying what docs' languages do we 
  >                 want to install 
  >   "--default-docs-lang" for specyifying which language will 
  >                 be default one 
  is basically a good idea or make the following

  for lang in $langs
  if [ -d docs/lang ]; then
    install lang

  Samba Japanese Edition uses the latter in source/scrips/*.

I am not good at autoconf, so now I modified Makefile directly.
It is the last problem to merge:-)

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