International Samba (fwd)

Deniz Akkus Kanca deniz at
Fri Aug 10 20:59:13 GMT 2001

> One of the methods that OpenVMS uses is for a program to have all of it's
> status messages, prompts and such in a separate shared image.  This can
> be bound to the active program through a logical name.  (UNIX would use a
> symlink for this).

Linux has the same facility through gettext. All the output in a program can
be translated and languages can
be dynamically switched depending on the language. is the manual. The process of
'gettextizing' a program is not too arduous in my opinion and variables can
be switched in order etc. to accommodate different grammar structures.

>   I am not aware of any opensource language
> translators or of even commercial ones that are reliable enough for
> technical documentation.

The open source translation project is the GNU Translation Project. It
consists of 32 separate language groups. The group accepts not only GNU
projects, but any other open source software for translation.

The structure of the project is for translating the above mentioned string
outputs of a program.

The project currently does not do any document translation -- I guess more
because no such request has really come forward than anything else.

I know that I, as the leader of the Turkish translation team, would be
willing to give resources to support samba documentation translations, it is
an important package that is widely used.

Best regards,

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