Uninstalling Samba

Santomauro, Deborah deborah.santomauro at lmco.com
Fri Aug 10 17:27:44 GMT 2001

I am going to have to start from scratch and re-install Samba 2.2.0 A few

1. is there a command to "uninstall" the entire Samba package  - i.e. in
Solaris you can use 'pkgrm' to remove a software package completely?
2. should I include the flags "--with-nisplus" "--with-nisplus-home" and
"--with-automount" during the configuration phase?
(running NFS/automount/NIS+ in a Solaris 2.7/Sparc5 environment - Note: if I
can get Samba to run right I will eventually be putting it on an Enterprise
4000 server)
3. is there any known problems/issues running Samba in a NIS+ environment?
Are there special flags, options that should be included so that Samba is
happy with NIS+?
4. does a user's login information have to be the same on both OSes - NT vs

Thanks for any input or advice that you can offer.

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