encrypt passwords = yes

Rafal Szczesniak mimir at spin.ict.pwr.wroc.pl
Fri Aug 10 15:27:26 GMT 2001

On Fri, 10 Aug 2001, Gerald Carter wrote:

> On Tue, 7 Aug 2001, Rafal Szczesniak wrote:
> > So, the log message 'Defaulting to Lanman password for XYZ'
> > means that smbd is checking my password hash against Lanman
> > hash in smbpasswd(5) or /etc/shadow ?
> > If I leave smb.conf(5) without "encrypt passwords" then it
> > should be set (by smbd run-time) to "yes". What is the
> > default hash the smbd uses then ?
> No that would mean that the client is sending the password
> hash.  'encrypt passwords' defaults to no.
> I'm confused.  Can we back up?  So with 'encrypt passwords
> = no' you are still getting the 'Defaulting to Lanman password
> for XYZ' in the log?  What client is this?

Clients were smblient and NT SP3 (member of Samba 2.0.x
controlled domain, I forgot about this).
Samba I tested this problem with was CVS 2.2 from week ago
or so.
One important thing - all the time I was convinced the
"encrypt passwords" parameter defaults to "yes". Last time
I've used testparm, it got straight this mistake. Shouldn't
this param default to yes ?
Give me 2-3 hours and I'll try to reproduce this again,
since I don't have another computer around, now.


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