International Samba (fwd)

Deniz Akkus Kanca deniz at
Fri Aug 10 06:07:47 GMT 2001

> I'm sorry, but when I've issued on my system (currently,
> Debian 2.2 GNU/Linux):
> env | egrep "LANG"
> I've got "LANG=C". Honestly, I don't know what's this
> country stands for.
> To be serious, however, I'm reading man man page now
> (sounds funny isn't it ? :-) ). Thx for this point.

That just means that you are using it with the "default" language.  For
example, if you define this LANG to be fr_FR, you will see programs with
internationalization (and support for the French language in particular), to
start outputting their messages in French.  This has to do with using
"console" programs in a different language.

BTW, there is a Polish group, at and pl at
that works on supplying various programs with Polish language support. You
might also wish to get in touch with them.

Best regards,

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