bug - delete veto files causes panics

Edmund Lam epl at unimelb.edu.au
Fri Aug 10 05:15:56 GMT 2001

   I've found a case where Samba-2.2.1a panics when the option
"delete veto files" is enabled (along with veto files). The Samba
service/daemon does not crash, only the client server process does.
This means that the client can reconnect. However, it also means that
clients have no way to delete otherwise empty directories.

   I've placed a debug level 10 log (26KB) at

   The log above was produced on Samba-2.2.1a compiled with Digital cc
on a Tru64 box. I have also reproduced the same bug on a Linux-2.2 box.
The actions I took in the above logs was:
1) Login to a user alice's home share using smbclient
2) delete directory "a" which contained ".AppleDouble/" with "rmdir a"

   I've trimmed the logs a lot by removing the output when parsing the
smbpasswd file. Search for the word "snip" to see where I cut bits out.

   I've noticed that the bug only occurs if the veto'ed file is also a
directory. That is, assuming "veto files = /.?*/" and
"delete veto files = yes"

Example 1
$ mkdir -p b/.a
Try to delete directory b from any SMB client.
If you check the samba logs, there should be a "PANIC: internal error"

Example 2
$ mkdir -p b/
$ touch b/.a
Try to delete directory b from any SMB client.
No panic occurs.

   If required, I can produce another level 10 log or on another system.



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