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Fri Aug 10 03:52:27 GMT 2001

|[For those that aren't aware of it.  Rafal
| recently sent me a polish translation of the 2.2.0
| man pages in SGML. :-)  And hence our conversation
| here...]

SUGJ (Samba Users Group Japan) also translated all documents into
Japanese and distribute with Samba Japanese Edition. Now for only
Samba 2.0.x and we are translating for Samba 2.2.x now.

|> He still can issue "man smb.conf" as usual, though he can
|> use "man smb.conf.en".
|This sounds workable.

As Deniz and I said, manual page *system* is already i18n'ed.

|> Apache also understands multilingual documents:  index.en.html,
|> etc. Depending on what the default language of the browser is,
|> it pulls up the appropriate one.
|That's great because, I gave very similiar filenames to sgml
|source files. will be converted to

SUGJ has already made i18n'ed SWAT, as far as your browser supports
HTTP/1.1 content negotiation and you read documents via SWAT, you can
see a documents of proper language version if installed.

If you are insterested in it, please download from .

And look at

I want to merge it to Samba 2.2.x and HEAD. It is not difficult

|Don't worry about space in the CVS tree.  We
|can compress these for installation though on
|platforms which work with that.

Ok, but for archiving, this should be a problem, I think. For Samba
Japanese Edition only added Japanese translated documents, the size of
archive increased about 1.5MB.
  3495816 May  9 08:20 samba-2.0.9.tar.gz
  5010407 May 23 18:01 samba-2.0.9-ja-1.0.tar.gz

|I'm going to back up a little and pose the question
|of "What is the best way to maintain multiple
|language versions of the same docs?"

I am also thinking that. Sorry for not to send fully proposal.
This week it takes long time about Code Red Worm :(

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