Tru64 5.1 and Cluster and SMB/Netbios: IP-Address

Tobias Burnus tburnus at
Thu Aug 9 22:37:42 GMT 2001


we have a Tru64 cluster which should be a PDC. Well it should return
the ip of the cluster not of the cluster members.

nmblookup -M group

returns the IP of the member.

I don't know what is the best way to get the cluster IP but

#include <sys/clu.h>
memberid_t memberid = 1;
char intername[MAXHOSTNAMELEN];
clu_info(CLU_INFO_INTERNAME_BY_ID, memberid, intername, sizeof(intername));

returns the NAME (output like `hostname -s`) of the cluster. (This would
then need to be converted into a IP address afterwards.)

 #include <sys/clu.h>
 boolean_t clu_is_member ();
can be used at runtime to test whether there is a cluster at all (this
function exists in Tru64 Unix 5.x, but not in 4.x).

Any pointers on how and where to patch are highly welcome.


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