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Thu Aug 9 20:08:38 GMT 2001

On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, Deniz Akkus Kanca wrote:

> Man understands the default $LANG parameter for internationalization. Ie, if
> LANG=fr, it will look for the man page first under fr/.... , if it can't
> find it, it will look in the default location, ie English. This is explained
> in the man page, so man man. (I use man-1.5i-8) So, the man page still has
> the same name under any language, that is, smb.conf.1, but each language
> gets installed into a separate man directory, depending on the language.

I'm sorry, but when I've issued on my system (currently,
Debian 2.2 GNU/Linux):

env | egrep "LANG"

I've got "LANG=C". Honestly, I don't know what's this
country stands for.
To be serious, however, I'm reading man man page now
(sounds funny isn't it ? :-) ). Thx for this point.

> Apache also understands multilingual documents:  index.en.html,
> etc. Depending on what the default language of the browser is,
> it pulls up the appropriate one.

That's great because, I gave very similiar filenames to sgml
source files. will be converted to
On the other hand, for man's purposes it's not so good,
because will be converted to
instead of
Well ...

> Please do not make up yet another "standard" for obtaining multilingual
> documentation. Multilingual support is sketchy enough so that no one would

That's why I asked for comments (among other things). Thank
you very much for yours.


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