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Rafal Szczesniak mimir at
Thu Aug 9 19:42:37 GMT 2001

On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, Gerald Carter wrote:

> Rafal,
> I'm going to back up a little and pose the question
> of "What is the best way to maintain multiple
> language versions of the same docs?"
> Particularly, I'm curious about the generation
> of the various formats (nroff, html, etc...)

I've been thining about this. It would be perfect to have
only a source files and generate what's needed when it's
needed. The problem, I guess, is that we cannot expect
users to be able to process DocBook/SGML files in order to
get what they want.
BTW. The only international support I found in DocBook is
the "lang" attribute that enables proper (language-specific)
substituting of words like "Chapter", "Section", "Figure",
etc. I don't have enough DocBook experience to claim that's
all, although.

> Doesn't Apache do this?  Anyone know?

You mean ... ?

> If people would examine the docs/docbook/
> subdirectory and make suggestions or submit
> patches Rafal and I would appreciate it greatly.
> btw...For installation, the proposal below
> sounds acceptable to me.

Some alternative param names ?


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