samba's protocol and the way it works?

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu Aug 9 15:04:29 GMT 2001

It's not Samba's protocol, it is Microsofts (though it was originally
IBM's protocol).  We are simply trying to provide a working version for
Unix platforms. 


Chris -)-----

>      Hi all. I'm doing a system performance analysis
> on a network attached storage (NAS) system using
> Raid-5 with 4 hard disks. And would like to know more
> about samba's protocol on how a data is transferred
> and processed by samba using the example below :
>      When a server receives a read/write signal from a
> client, what is happening internally between CPU,
> cache, ram, ICH2... Where around the hardware has the
> highest traffic, will it be any one of the following :
> CPU, ram, PCI bus, hard disk or others? Could anyone
> advise me on which hardware improvement to maximize
> the performance of the overall system? Or the system
> is actually losing most of the processing time on the
> network connection where retry is occurred frequently
> with a lot of clients trying to send and re-send
> signals to the server?
>      Is there any samba protocol's document available
> in the net?
>      Cheers and thanks for the helps!!
> regards
> Wil Choon
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