Samba with LDAP

Shahms E. King shahms at
Wed Aug 8 19:35:31 GMT 2001

On 08 Aug 2001 15:28:30 -0400, Andrew Crum wrote:
> I know that the current Samba_2_2 from cvs doesn't support LDAP. I want
> to help out in the development efforts, but I don't want back track
> someone else's efforts. 
> I think someone already has a patch that he is testing, whoever you are,
> can I have that patch? Does your patch support the PDC functions of
> Samba, such as storing all the PDC information in LDAP?
> Any and all information will be appreciated.
> -Andrew

Yes, and yes

The latest patch is there, it should apply against 2.2 cvs (until the
passdb interface is done being backported from HEAD, at which time I
will have a newer patch up there).  There are 2.2.1a rpms there as well
with this patch incorporated.

At this point, it supports the PDC functions, Win2k SP2 logons (and
therefore, I would assume SP1, SP0, and NT4 . ..)

Still some minor cleanups I'd like to do when I next get some time:
Needs to compile against other SDKs than just OpenLDAP 2.x,
add the appropriate checks for LDAP SDKs to,
some SSL/TLS clean ups.


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