size on disk in 98 and win2k

DICKENS,CARY (HP-Loveland,ex2) cary_dickens2 at
Wed Aug 8 18:34:45 GMT 2001


I'm seeing something confusing when getting properties on a directory from a
windows 98 client and from a win2k client.  The "Size on disk" field appears
to be wrong.  NT doesn't display that info, so it is unaffected.

The samba version being run is 2.2.1a (cvs from 8/8/01).  The native
filesystem is reiserfs without tails.  The Samba server is joined to a

The steps to reproduce are:
1. Create a folder with 40 or so files that are less than 50k on a share
hosted by Samba.
2. Mount the share to a win2k or win98 as a valid windows user. 
3. Explore to the share.
4. Choose the folder you created.
5. Rt click and get properties on the directory.
6. Look at the Size on Disk field.

For me, I had a directory with 47 files and the size of the directory was
reported as 1.02 MB and the Size on Disk was reported as 47MB.  

Has anyone else seen this?  
Where are the clients getting the information?  Is it in call_trans2qfsinfo?


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