VFS modules proposed design - WAS Re: Moving 8.3 filenames into VFS - WAS Re: meeting with SUGJ

John E. Malmberg malmberg at Encompasserve.org
Tue Aug 7 12:55:09 GMT 2001

While you are wading into the VFS module design, perhaps you can look
at moving the FNMATCH functions in there?

The reason is on OpenVMS, that is where the wild card expansion is.

A wildcarded file name can be passed to the opendir() function
to return only those files that match the selected criteria.

A wildcarded file name can be passed to the open() function to open
the first file for read or read+modify that matches.  Passing a wildcarded
file specification to any function that must creat() a new file results
in a file not found error.

This would allow the fnmatch function to be tuned for a specific file
system.  This tuning may become important for multibyte character sets.

Note that the OpenVMS port of SAMBA is mostly wrappers around the standard
library calls to the filesystem.  Being able to write an OpenVMS specific
VFS layer may greatly improve performance.

Once of the most CPU intensive sections of code right now for OpenVMS is
the DOS filename -> CODEPAGE -> UNIX filename -> OpenVMS filename

Any of these that can be eliminated help OpenVMS a lot, and probably
would speed up the UNIX platforms also.

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