[PATCH] Maintain DOS attributes of externally copied file

Tim Potter tpot at valinux.com
Mon Aug 6 23:20:43 GMT 2001

ZINKEVICIUS,MATT (HP-Loveland,ex1) writes:

> > > Yep :-) The ACL database patch I'm working on stores the DOS
> > > attributes along with the security descriptor in the database.
> > 
> > For a Samba-only installation, that'll be wonderful. :-)  Truthfully,
> > we need to move the dos attribute stuff into the VFS.  I've worked
> > on it some and will hopefully get started again in the near future.
> Actually if your OS supports full-tree file change notification, then
> the ACL database works just fine with other protocols (NFS, etc).

Can you explain this a bit more?  It sounds very intruiging.  I'm
thinking perhaps you have a userspace daemon that looks for changes to
files and the applies ACLs to them.


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