quotas and small files

DICKENS,CARY (HP-Loveland,ex2) cary_dickens2 at hp.com
Mon Aug 6 23:04:12 GMT 2001


I've incorporated that patch, and it is now setting errno to the correct
value (EDQUOT = 122).  I am not getting the error all the way back to
explorer on NT.  Win2k appears to work well, but its path is through the
reply_write_and_X though.  

Since larger writes are displaying the message and entering in the same
place, I am enclosing a level 10 debug for a file that passes(displays the
error) as well as one that fails(doesn't display the error).  The passing
file is an 81k file that when I copy it over to a share with 16k left on the
hard quota, explorer presents the error saying the disk is full. The failing
file is a 31k file that when copying it over to the same share I get a 16k
truncated file and no error message displayed.

I hope this clearly states what I am seeing.  If not, feel free to call me
with questions at 970-898-1410.  I plan on being here till about 8:00
mountain time.

I checked again about getting you access via ssh to a machine that could
debug for you and all anyone could give me were blank stares and noes.
Sorry about that. 


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