2 possible bugs

ZINKEVICIUS,MATT (HP-Loveland,ex1) matt_zinkevicius at hp.com
Mon Aug 6 11:14:45 GMT 2001

Howdy all,
Before I start to hunt these down I wanted to see if these are known issues.
The second bug report listed is sort of specific to the acl database patch,
but the note about only occurring with 2 active connection concerns me that
its a problem in official samba as well. If anyone has any insight don't
hesitate to clue me in :-)

--- NT client cannot Take Ownership of W2K created object

1. Create an object (file or directory) on the NAS box from W2K client.
2. From the W2K client, ensure permissions on the object are Everyone: Full
Control and the Owner is MIB5\user1.
3. From the NT4 client, attempt to Take Ownership of the object.

Results: Receive Windows error message: "Windows NT error 0xc002002e
occurred".  Reversing the scenario, the W2K client is successful in Taking
Ownership from the NT created object.  

--- Users on W2K clients can change perms when not allowed 

1. On a NT4 (user1) and W2K (user2) client, map a drive to the same share.
Using Win Explorer, connect to the share and leave open.
2. On the NT client, create an object (file or directory). Permissions were
Everyone/Full Control.  Change the ACL entry to Everyone/Change.
3. On the W2K client (user2), using Win Explorer, display the ACLs on the
object and attempt to change the ACL back to Everyone/Full Control.

Results: The operation to change permission is allowed to a user (other than
the owner) when permission to change the ACL on the object was not allowed.

Note: To get this to behave this way, it appears the other user (i.e.,
user2) on the W2K client needs to have an active connection to the share
where the file (whose ACLs are changed) resides.


Matt Zinkevicius
Modular Network Storage

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