Another malloc without NULL check

Tim Potter tpot at
Mon Aug 6 02:20:50 GMT 2001

Claudia Moroder writes:

> Hello,
> i found two problems with malloc/free
> 1. cli_spoolss.c
> decode_printer_info_0
> inf = malloc(...)
> and inf is used without a NULL check.
> It is also strange that all other allocations in this files are made through
> talloc.

Fixed.  Thanks for spotting that!

> 2. in clientgen.c
> I don't remember the exact position, because now I am in windows , but ..
> cli is allocatd with malloc
> few lines later the buffers are allocated with malloc and are tested.
> If one of the buffer allocations fails the function return NULL without
> freeing the first buffer ( if the second failed ) and without releasing cli.

It wouldn't be this would it?

	if (!cli->outbuf || !cli->inbuf)
		return NULL;

The correct code should probably be

	if (!cli->outbuf)
                return NULL;
        if (!cli->inbuf) {
		return NULL;


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