BUG report 21512 - fopen issue on Solaris

Jeremy Allison jeremy at valinux.com
Fri Aug 3 20:17:22 GMT 2001

> "Fuller, Beth" wrote:
> Hi,
> I am unable to update this Bug Report via the web.  However, we have been working with a customer running into the fopen limitation (on Solaris) and while we are aware of the following information you have provided for them, we would like to know where the samba team stands with regards to this issue.
> Is this something that the samba team is going to address in future releases of Samba, or is this something that you (samba team) would like to see Sun address?
> Per this link: http://samba.cadcamlab.org/lists/samba/Nov1999/00016.html , it would appear that Jeremy believes the responsibility to be with Samba.

Well the problem is I oscillate between thinking we should
completely remove all references to FILE * and the stdio
calls in Samba, and thinking "this only happens on Solaris,
no other system, Sun should fix their damn stdio library" :-).

Currently I'm in the "Sun should fix their stdio" phase,
as removing all references to fopen etc. in Samba would
be a lump of extra work to do (and we already have lots
to do) just to benefit one (admittedly important) but
buggy platform.

Currently I'm recommending people compile Samba with
sfio on Solaris, which fixes this specific issue, but also
recommending they change to a less broken platform (that
might get Sun's attention :-).


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