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Thu Aug 2 20:56:58 GMT 2001

The PAM module code normally does this (e.g. pam_sm_authenticate routine in
the nsswitch directory), but if you don't want to use that code, you can do
a quick and dirty one by invoking NetWkstaUserLogon in clirap.c but that is
overkill.  The cliconnect.c file gives you all you really need - see e.g.
the routine cli_establish_connection.  To tell if you are authenticated as
user or guest you may have to change the return code processing slightly.

By the way I have been coding quite a few more RAP RPC calls, some of which
may be useful for this type of module (like an easier to use routine that
locates the domain controller that you would want to authenticate with).
The intent was not to provide an authentication module (winbind already
does that) but to provide some cross-platform SMB server management code
for smbclient (or a similar utility).

>From: Markus Fischer <mfischer at guru.josefine.at>
>To: samba-technical at lists.samba.org
>Subject: smbval and libsmb
>Is it currently possible by only relying on libsmb to write a
>user validation in short ?
>- Markus

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