Mac Dave<->smbclient - Status ?

Conrad Minshall conrad at
Thu Aug 2 19:08:18 GMT 2001

DAVE is from Thursby software.  I believe they will be at the CIFS
conference/plugfest later this month.  Perhaps you can debug this then.

cc to George at Thursby

At 8:48 AM -0700 8/2/01, Urban Widmark wrote:
>On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, Ulf Bertilsson wrote:
>> --Answer-----------------------------------------
>What was the question? Oh, it's from the FAQ.
>(and the Q is "Does smbmount on Samba work with DAVE Sharing?")
>> The smbclient allows clients to connect to Samba as a server and the
>> smbmount connects to the Windows computers as if Samba is the client.
>> We've done extensive testing with DAVE Client connecting to Samba as a
>> server and we support this type of connection.  Unfortunately, smbmount
>> is
>> only available with Linux and DAVE does not support this connection at
>> this
>> time.  In the future, we may work with the developers of Samba to test
>> smbmount with DAVE Sharing to allow the two products to function
>> together
>> completely.
>> -------------------------------------------------
>> Anyone comment this ? :)
>They don't say anything about if smbclient works with Dave as a server,
>but then that was not the question. But it seems like they misunderstand
>what smbclient is.
>"In the future, we may ..." is nice and non-commiting. :)
>Btw, if someone wants smbmount/smbfs to work with DAVE they will have to
>do something about it. Myself, I don't have access to any Macs (or Linux
>boxes with access to a Mac), nor do I have DAVE to play with.
>tcpdumps of smbclient/smbmount/smbfs <-> DAVE, and comparing them with
>NT <-> DAVE could be useful.

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