smbval and libsmb

Markus Fischer mfischer at
Thu Aug 2 01:10:25 GMT 2001


I'm trying to archiev user validation against a pdc/bdc from
within c. I've used the old smbval so far, but it seems not being
maintained, has a (loadshit) of compile warnings and tends to
segfault if you don't watch your parameters closely you pass to

I've been told that there is libsmb and from taking some quick
glances it seems to be built as a replacement for smbval (or, at
least, to implement it).

Is it currently possible by only relying on libsmb to write a
user validation in short ?

Maybe someone can give me a hint or example source  ? :)

thanks for any help !

- Markus

Ach i forgot, can you please reply to me directly as I'm not
subscribed to the list ? Sorry for the inconvenience!

Markus Fischer,
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